»  Where can I see/buy paintings
Original Acrista paintings are available to see or/and buy at the Acrista Studio in Bulgaria, Sofia. The exact address will be sent to you after we agree on a specific day and hour of the visit. For that purpose you can contact me at: "Contacts". The studio welcomes visitors only for meetings by arrangement, as it has no specific working hours like shops and galleries. That gives me the opportunity to work and create in peace and pay personal attention to every visitor. The beauty of it on the other hand is that you can request a meeting in the evenings up to 8:00 PM or even in Saturdays.

Reproductions (Fine Art prints) of Acrista artwork may be seen, bought or ordered in my studio as well as at:
- Arkovna Framing Studio, 6 Shipka Str., Sofia, Bulgaria Mon.-Fri. 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM; Sat. 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
»  How can I buy a painting
The fastest way to buy an Acrista painting is to visit the page "Portfolio". Use the filters at the bottom of the page to specify the type of media, availability, size and color accent. The button “buy” under the available artworks will give you the price. After you send a buying request I will contact you for further arrangements.
The other possible way is to call me directly using the info at: "Contacts" and tell/describe me which painting is it that you are interested in. If you would like to place a commission then a preliminary meeting in my atelier would be desirable. For people not living in Sofia details could be discussed over phone or e-mail.
»  How may I commission a painting
In order to commission a painting you will have to share with me which already existing painting has touched you as colors, composition and emotion.
You have to remember commissions are not copies of sold paintings. They can be based on them but have their own vision and radiance.
The process generally looks like this: we first discuss a subject and colors (for example: female character or spanish dancer in red and black as predominant colors), we then agree on the size of the artwork and respectively on the price, after that I usually make a small thumbnail image (study) to visualize my idea.

After the draft is approved by you, then you pay 50% of the agreed price. After the original is finished I’ll give it for framing and in the meanwhile you will pay the other half of the agreed price.

Oil paintings commissions take at least 30 working days to finish and depend on the specific scenario at the specific period.
»  What are the usual prices of Acrista paintings
Currently original artwork prices vary between BGN 350 and BGN 2900.

Commissioned artwork prices start at BGN 500. Of course, as all cases are different, the prices always depend on the specific scenario.

The prices may also vary depending on different terms like deadlines, complexity of the topic and composition and the type of framing.
»  What is a fine art print and when is it used
Reproductions, also known as Fine Art Prints and Limited Edition Prints, are exactly that - high quality prints on 100% cotton canvas. In French the term used is Giclee.

Prints are part of the artist’s portfolio for several reasons:

First of all they are a necessary addition to the artist’s income, so that they can continue doing what they love.
Second reason is prints give people with lower financial potential the opportunity to own and/or give as gift a piece of art they like.
Third reason is the artist’s chance to realize art projects for public spaces like for example offices and hospitals, which has low production cost.

Acrista prints can be ordered from specific paintings and in different sizes.
For prices and shipping please do contact me. Shipping expences vary depending on the specific country.
»  From which paintings may I order prints
Acrista prints can be ordered from specific paintings and in different sizes. For prices and shipping please do contact me. Shipping expences vary depending on the specific country.

Customers' orders are accepted at any time, but orders to the print house are executed on each 1st and 15th date of the month.

Filter of "Acrista Fine art prints on canvas"
»  May I reserve a painting
Yes, you may, but for no longer than 20 days. Reservation is possible after a deposit of 20% of the price. 
»  May I receive the artwork by courier
Yes, it is possible. The courier company I work with will deliver your painting of choice or print to your home or office. Acrista originals that cost more than 500 BGN are delivered within the borders of Bulgaria to the artist’s expense, whereas originals below 500 BGN and prints delivery is charged to the buyer. Courier services outside Bulgaria are discussed and agreed upon for each separate case.
»  Do you paint portraits of actual people
No, I don’t paint actual people. I am not a portrait artist in the classical meaning. I much more prefer, when painting a character, to not have to comply with real life resemblance, which gives me the freedom to represent the character’s emotion as I see it.
»  May I use an image of an Acrista painting
Depends on what you wish to use it for. If you have the desire to use my artwork for say book cover, label or other product, then please contact me at: www.acrista.com/contacts, so we can discuss details.
If you want to use my artwork for your personal Facebook cover photo or share, or send it to someone - then of course you may as long as you also mention the artist’s name and give link to my web site or Facebook page.
All other cases, where a painting is copied and used for example as tapestry, découpage, quilling, web site image, etc. without my prior consent, are highly intolerable and it is my lawyer that usually handles them.
»  What products, suitable for gifts, does Acrista offer
The studio is full on not only original artworks, but also various sizes of prints on canvas, "Acrista Art Book", hand-made cards.
At the end we choose from the elegant wrappings and pack it all up in an artistic finish to make a unique gift.
»  Do you teach drawing/painting classes
No, I can’t offer you any art courses. Time, unfortunately, is a very limited resource and everyday life is too dynamic for me. So for now I do not plan on starting any drawing/painting courses. 
»  Tell me more about Acrista Art Gift Vouchers
If you feel like warming the hearts of your loved ones with an artistic gift from Acrista Studio, but you are unsure what exactly would they love the most, you can now give them an Acrista Art Gift Voucher.
Gift vouchers have flexible use since you can define a value of your choosing. Also, in case the person wishes so, they can use it on an artwork of higher value, paying the difference on heir own.
One may also choose to buy an artwork of lower price, but in such case the difference to the voucher value is non refundable.

Vouchers are not bound by any time limitations and can be used not only on available artworks, but also on commissions or print orders.
Vouchers are decorated with Acrista prints and are enclosed in an elegant envelope with hand-drawn design motives.

They can be sent via courier service at the expense of the receiver.

By giving an Acrista voucher you not only let your loved ones choose the emotion that resonates best with their hearts, but also give them a reason and opportunity to dive into the artistic atmosphere of the Acrista Art Studio.