Two men show "Infinity Fairytales"

A Japanese bell set start to the joint exhibition "Infinity Fairytales" of two young but already established painters - Alexandrina Karadjova and Georgi Petrov.

"In this quiet autumn evening, we are caressed of the amazing emotion of those two artists. Their art is passion, and they are both Leo and one can easily see that in their paintings." said journalist Valeria Veleva at the opening. She also shared with the guests she is a collector and owns artwork of Aleandrina Karadjova which is hanged right next to Acad. Svetlin Rusev's canvases.


The "Infinity Fairy-tales" exhibition includes soft pastel and oil paintings of Alexandrina Karadjova and Georgi Petrov. Both artists are born on the same date and their artwork radiates the different sensitivity of the male and female inception in the search of fantasy around us.

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