Art project in an office space

With great pleasure, I present to you, the newest of the Acrista Art Projects, which took me almost six months to finish.

It included four paintings commissioned for the elegant interior space of an office in a large business building in the centre of Sofia.

The subject in three of the paintings, the flamenco dance, was chosen to have energetic emotional impact, while the fourth one, depicting a Mediterranean image, had to wear the sense of relaxation, while still thematically connected to the others.

The interior setup of the space was predetermining in terms of the paintings’ format and position. Initially I made small study versions of all the paintings to discus with the client, who knew exactly what the emanation of the artworks should be.


For the framing we chose the same profile for all of them, effectively detaching them from the pale yellow background of the walls, as well as creating the necessary volume in a room as large as this. Again, my partner in framing was the Arkovna Atelier (Sofia, 6, Shipka Str.).

I extend many thanks to my client for entrusting me with this wonderful art challenge, and empowering me to do it in the best possible way.

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