Article in Jenata dnes magazine

A publication on Alexandrina Karadjova in the new copy of "The Woman Today" (May/June 2011).

"(...) How does she find so much energy to give each and every minute of her precious time with so meaningful actions? She is the little, fragile, sunny, Strong Alex. She is a woman, thirsty to dive into all dimensions of feminity, to experience every form it has, to play all the parts it offers. If she can. For her the feminity is: "Unsuspected power, everyday magic, crazy unpredictability, a pinch of madness, crimson passion, contrasting emotion, tender melody, dreamt mysteriousness, equilibrium, devotion, intuition... Multidirectionness, multilayerness, beginning of life, all of the seasons in one. Wisdom. Love. Poetry. All of that can be found in a single woman's look. In a single face."


And to be honest I can't imagine more feminine material for expressing her emotional world than pastel.


"It gives me the feeling of honesty and modesty, it is soft and warm like the embrace of a pashmina scarf."

She tells me: "it is not so common as a material, but most often clients don't even want to know what is it. What they are interested in is the emotion and the colors, not the material they were expressed with."


And the pastel pigments don't age, that is why pastel paintings always stay alive and vibrant and in the same condition as when they left the easel. No matter the years past. Same the woman - Alex, who already has access to the eternal sprint of young, artistic energy in her!."

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