A maisonette with my originals

Acquiring artwork over a long period of time may lead to excellent visual results.

A good example for that is the new home of clients of mine, who in their previous home already had 4 original Acrista Art oil paintings and 3 more in soft pastels.

While finishing the interior project for their new penthouse, designed by Rejin Design, my clients bought two more oil paintings from me. One of the canvases was hung in the second master bedroom, while the second one with its 120 x 100 cm size, became the statement art piece for the dinning room.

The three soft pastel paintings they already had from me we had to reframe in order to match the style coming from the copper effects of the lighting sources.

The result is an artistic elegance in harmony with the airy feeling of the space, set by the interior designer for all the rooms.

I am grateful to my clients for their trust and choosing my paintings for their beautiful and cosy new home. I’m happy my paintings will complement the exquisite atmosphere they enjoy every day.

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